Neurology Department

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The nerve system is capable of transmitting signals to and from different parts of the body. We have experts in Neuroscience who have a record of excellence in clinical neurology. Our expertise is specialized in performing the full spectrum of neurosurgeries in patients of all ages.

Top neuro consultants Dr. Ranjendra I Dugani, Dr Datta Nadgir and Dr Mohamed Ataulla Shariff has significant experience in diagnosing various neurological problems. Top Neuro surgeons Dr. Suresh Dugani and Dr Anirud Kulkarni aiming to eliminate the critical problems in neuro surgeries with the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Our team is capable of treating any complex problems in the nerve system. The team also delivers innovative solutions to neurological problems at various levels of complexities with the help of world-class technologies. Moreover, 24*7 support for intervention stroke management has made a difference for stroke patients.

Our Experienced Doctors

Dr Rajendra I Dugani

M.D. (Medicine), D.M.(Neurology).


Dr Datta Nadgir

M.D. (Medicine), D.M.(Neurology),DNB


Dr Suresh Dugani

MBBS, MCH (Neuro Surgeon)


Dr Anirud Kulkarni

MBBS, MS MCH (Neurology)

Neuro Surgeon